Jeremy Teeter is a Montana native, spending his childhood and adult years growing up in Montana. He discovered a passion for photography but was unable to pursue it further due to his priorities as a single father. But while working full-time jobs to provide for his family he continued to pursue his art whenever he could. Step by step, he worked on his photography skills and was finally able to pursue it as a career.

Jeremy joined the Bergquist Donnelly Team and flourished. He is now an expert with various fields of media: he utilizes drones to take high-res scenic shots, combines various camera techniques to take masterful photos, works with powerful editing software to ensure the highest quality possible, and creates 3D interactive walkthroughs showcasing entire homes. Jeremy Teeter is a phenomenal photographer; his work has been featured in international magazines, and he is an incredible asset to the Bergquist Donnelly Team.

Jeremy Teeter